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IP CCTV Software

Other Products

Our software can be supplied with other products from the BlackWatch range including network video recorders and IP cameras.


"BlackWatch IP CCTV develop full range of network IP CCTV surveillance equipment".


Additional services include network ip cctv consultancy, system integration, product training and more.

About Us

Who Are We? is part of a group of companies under the BlackWatch IP CCTV brand. This website is designed to focus on cctv software developed and distributed by BlackWatch offering end clients a focused portal dedicated to delivering great security software products with great support.

What We Do?

We specialize in CCTV software designed to record live video from analogue and IP cameras and allow flexible monitoring and playback facilities for basic to advanced surveillance systems. NVR+ is our latest software offering built for reliability and ease of operation. We also provide OEM and bespoke hardware and software for a variety of applications from surveillance to video analytics.

What Is Our Experience?

Our director has been in the surveillance industry for 10 years and has built a portfolio of expertise and relationships leading to the introduction of the first auto networking cameras in Europe to developing the first super surveillance computer as well as being published on Sky News, The Sunday Times, Retail News, Defence International building pedigree & experience into all BlackWatch IP CCTV products.

How do I find out more?

For all enquiries including PRESS enquiries, please see our contact page or see our group website for more detail about our business.