Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19

Purchase NVR+

4ch NVR Software

4ch NVR - £89.00

8ch NVR Software

8ch NVR - £179.00

16ch NVR Software

16ch NVR - £359.00

32ch NVR Software

32ch NVR - £699.00

32ch NVR Software

USB License - £9.99+p&p

Download Free Trial

Download a FREE Trial of NVR+ Server

NVR+ trial is a fully functioning application with some modules locked until a licence is applied. The trial mode locks mobile video streaming, cannot delete video recordings and will reboot every few hours. Installation and User guides are included in the download. Contact us for 64ch license. Please enter your details to access the download page.

**no unsoliced messages will be sent and your details will be treated with the highest confidentiality.

Installation Guide

NVR+ is provided as a complete application and is easy to install.

1) Download and Run the application. 2) You will need an ip camera or video capture card to connect to in order to use the trial. 3) Purchase a license by clicking 'Buy Now' to the left of this page. Licenses are supplied digitally or on USB for which there is an extra cost of £9.99 + shipping. Digital licenses require serial numbers of the devices. Licenses can be transferred from PC to PC. Add additional camera licenses to digital licenses only!