BlackWatch NVR+ Software Features List


View, Record & Manage up to 64 IP cameras on one PC or server.
Modularized architecture designed for reliability and ease of use
Adaptable network streams for multiple devices from PC to mobile
Local Video Stream for high definition video recording
Network Stream for fluent remote access over the Internet
Mobile Stream for PDA or mobile viewing + support for multi-platform browsers (ie, chrome, firefox, opera,, safari & more)
Multi monitor display, live view / playback / e-map / can be display on digital monitors or analogue monitors
Full system & event log database
Runs as Standard Windows Service mode (selectable feature)


Realtime monitoring
Standard or Widescreen view of 1/4/6/9/10/13/16/19/22/25/33/36/49/64 channels
Customizable screen layout (unique feature)
Group cycle / sequence view
Automatically adapts to different monitor resolutions
Built-in PTZ control Panel, support call and set preset / cruise plans, and also support mouse control PTZ movement directly on video screen.
Support to connect computer mini keyboard or PTZ keyboard to control PTZ camera directly on keyboard.
Multi-monitor display, each monitor can display custom layout with drag & drop video between monitors. Support 12+ monitors (hot feature)
Digital zooming on live video
Real-time multi event monitoring and filter
Instant response modes, On Monitor, Recording, PTZ Preset Reaction, Audio, SMS, Email, alarm IO Device, snapshot.
Support digital matrix output to 2 to 8 analog monitors (requires matrix & decoding card)
Instant Video Playback mode to playback last several minutes video in just one click (hot feature)
Advanced Video Playback, select site/channel/date/time and play video directly in live window (hot feature)
Synchronous playback from multiple cameras at a time


Powerful and flexible storage strategies allowing you to individually allocate storage space / reserve days to record for each channel(s).
Advanced storage disk group management
Advanced disk pre-allocation technology to speed up video indexing and avoid disk fragment. (hot feature)
System records in service mode with GUI turned off, frees up CPU/RAM, good for storage server or unattended operation
Multi-zone motion detection recording with pre-event recording
Adjustable alarm recording quality, frame rate and resolution. For example, set to record at CIF 8fps as continuous recording, and set 4CIF 25fps as motion detected recording.
Flexible recording schedule, Continuous, Continuous + Event + Motion, Continuous + Event, Continuous + Motion, Event, Motion, Manual.


Max. 36 channels synchronous playback in time-line graphic window
Same intuitive playback GUI for local playback, remote playback, and backup file playback.
Intelligent search function for easily locating motion events in recorded files. (hot feature)
Thumbnail view playback mode to easily find video of interest
Instant Video Playback mode to retrieve video quickly with predefined intervals in seconds
Advanced Video Playback mode to select site/channel/date/time and play video directly in Live video window
Playback multiple cameras with synchronous playback
Digital zoom
Play speed control, ¼x, ½x, 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x
Support Reverse Playback (Backward playback)
Snapshot picture and picture browser
Support frame by frame playback
Multiple backup modes, USB stick, USB HDD, DVD/CD-RW, etc.
Support AVI format video export (new)
Burn direct to optical media without leaving the program or using 3rd party software


Alarm sensor input / relay output control (requires IO card, connect via serial or USB)
Alarm action to PTZ preset, recording, SMS, email, alarm relay (SMS requires GSM modem)
Support alarm email with snapshots picture through Gmail account
Intuitive Event-to-Action settings window (new)
Support video popup on alarm / event. (new)

Remote access

Remote live view & playback via IE browser
Fully featured client application to manage multiple servers from multiple locations
Monitor max. 128 channels from multiple servers at the same time
Max. 36 channels synchronous playback (same GUI screen as in NVR+ Server)
Provide live stream view for PDA/mobile access.
Provide motion pictures view for most of the mobile phones (no software installation on mobile phone is required) (unique feature)
Access NVR+ Server from most of the WEB browsers, such as, Windows IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.

Intelligent Analytics

Intelligent search for easily locating motion events in recorded files.
Motion detection, video loss / camera tamper detection, blind detection.
Face detection and recognition (demo feature only)

System Integration

POS/ATM machine integration
Support max 64 POS/ATM machines
POS connection through TCP/IP network, or directly RS-232 COM cable connection
Overlay Display POS/ATM data on Analog/IP channel
Intuitive POS/ATM event search/playback operations
Built-in tens of popular POS protocols already
Access Control System integration (requires customization development)



Axis, DaHua, BlackWatch, BiKal, Hikvision, Launch, Stretch, Hangbang, Vivotek Network IP Cameras

Most JPEG / MJPEG cameras
Generic MPEG4 / H.264 codec
Hikvision, Stretch, BlackWatch Video Cards
Hikvision, BlackWatch Video Matrix Card
Direct Show compliant capture cards
RS-232 alarm box
Pelco-D PTZ Keyboard
Integrate with 3rd party hardware and software systems via SDK on request. Integration of custom camera models available. Please contact us with camera model & manufacturer.

Camera Compatibility



Languages Supported

Traditional Chinese
more languages will be ready soon

Application Examples

Single Server Deployment
Cascade Deployment

Single Server Deployment

System Cascade

Full System Setup
Multiple Servers

Full System Deployment

Multiple Server Deployment

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