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Find answers to common questions about NVR+ surveillance software to help you get started. See a list of frequently asked questions below and answers to the right.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install NVR+ Surveillance Sofware?

Download the software and run the application to install NVR+. User manuals are included in the download but remember to read the 'Read Me' file for further instructions and help. Ensure your PC is up to date by running Windows update and ensure .NET 3.5 or higher is installed.



How do I run the trial?

Simply install the software on your Windows PC / Server. Enter the default username: admin and password: admin to enter the software.To run the trial, you will need to have access to a compatible camera in order to start the software. Enter the cameras IP, username & password to register the camera and start the trial.

What are the limitations of the trial?

The 'surveillance application' limits several functions including mobile streaming, cannot delete recorded files and will restart every few hours.

What cameras are supported?

Nearly all cameras / capture devices by Axis, BlackWatch, BiKal, DaHua, HanBang, HikVision, Launch, Lemax, Stretch, Vivotek with more being added all the time.

Can NVR+ support more camera models?

Yes, new NVR+ builds can include new camera manufacturers and models upon request but a surcharge will apply dependent on the complexity of the cameras SDK. NVR+ also supports digital I/O box and video decoding cards.

What Languages are supported?

The software supports English, French, Russian, Danish, Polish, Italian, Chinese, Traditional Chinese with more languages to be added soon. We can add more languages upon request by filling out our language pack.

What is the client software, how do i get it?

The NVR+ Client software is a 128ch monitoring software that allows live viewing of cameras and other NVRs including playback and alarm management. Download it from our downloads page.

How many monitors does NVR+ support?

NVR+ features a custom view application which means any amount of monitors that a PC can manage can be used. From experience we suggest no more than 8 monitors be connected to a single server although we have supplied 12 monitor NVR servers. Our client application can be used to build multi monitor monitoring stations that can manage 1000's of cameras. Hardware video decoding cards are also compatible allowing 8 monitor matrices to be built per machine.

What operating systems does NVR+ support?

NVR+ supports Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 2008 in both 32bit / 64bit versions. NVR= can run as a service and is at home on professional, ultimate and server editions.

What are the recommended specifications for the PC / Server?

For up to 16ch surveillance systems, our minimum recommendations are a high end Dual Core CPU 2.4Ghz+, 3GB RAM and 512MB Video RAM.

For up to 32ch systems, our minimum recommendations are a Quad Core CPU 2.8Ghz+ 4~6GB RAM with 64bit operating system, 1GB Video RAM.

64ch NVR systems should consist of high clock speed Xenon CPUs, 8GB RAM, 1GB+ Video RAM with 64bit operating system.

Find more information about optimal performance in our support section.