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NVR Software Support


Get help and support for using NVR+. Some support information may reside on other BlackWatch websites. Please contact us via e-mail first or call for urgent support.

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NVR+ Help & Support

View our most common support questions and answers below. Watch out for links to videos and tutorials that will help you get tasks done faster.


First Time Install & Trial setup Instructions.

Instructions & user manuals are included in the software package. Please check the download location for a folder named 'help'.

  • a) Choose a location to install NVR+. The software will install on the C drive by default.
  • b) When prompted, enter user = admin, password = admin.
  • c) You will be prompted to add / search for a camera. The search function only works for BlackWatch cameras. For other camera models, please enter the access details for the camera.
  • d) You must enter a username & password for the camera even if none are required to view live video.
  • e) Only after adding a camera will the software proceed to function.


What are the Licensing Options?

There are 2 types of licenses that can be used to unlock NVR+ for full use: Both methods allow a user to move thier installation of NVR+ from machine to machine meaning you won't loose your software if you loose your PC/Server

1) Digital License = Digital licences require the user to submit the serial numbers of each camera they intend to use. Additional cameras can be added at any time and a new license will be issued.

2) USB License = Not as flexible as above option but can be used with any cameras at any time. USB licenses can also be transferred to another machine.

The user interface keeps asking for password or keeps locking up

NVR+ will lock itself in full screen to hide the Windows PC interface. Also, the software features an automatic lock which must be unlocked via a password to make changes or minimize the software window. Look for the lock icon in the bottom right window, click the lock to unlock the software interface for full use or to minimize.

How do I turn off the software, lock/unlock or just run the service?

When you attempt to shutdown the software, the following options are available:

  • a) Lock: locks the interface in place, a username & password is required to unlock, also allows to switch user/operator.
  • b) Exit Viewer: Exists the GUI / Interface but continues to run as a service so cameras continue to record in the background.
  • c) Exit GUI & Services: Exits & shuts down NVR+
  • d) Shutdown / Reboot: Shuts down or restarts the hardware